"We take your desire, apply our design, and then deliver on what we said we would do."


Planner | Coordinator

The Founder and CEO of Desire.Design.Deliver.-- Brittany is the fire that keeps the business successful. She prides herself on remaining professional, having happy Clients, and being known for always being on time. Having been on both sides of being the Bride and the Boss has afforded her experiences that helps her fulfill every need of an array of Clients. Her BEST habit... always keeping the event experience the priority; because that's what special occasions are all about!


Assistant Coordinator

Brittany's number one at all events. LaShonda grew from a Client, to an employee, and most importantly very good friend. She saw the potential of DDD early on and has become essential to the business. You will always see her at events, clipboard in hand and a smile on her face. Her BEST habit... knowing, before Brittany has to tell her. She's always on it!


Business Manager | Event Assistant

Tay is a force behind the upkeep of DDD. While he mainly focuses on the finances and marketing of the business, you may sometimes catch him, live in color, working the events. His BEST habit... visiting every table to engage guests and make sure they are having a wonderful event experience. He's an expert in customer service!



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